“All Harriet’s Pieces” is out now!

Check out my story “All Harriet’s Pieces,” out now in After Dinner Conversation! After Dinner Conversation is a perfect home for this story, which poses some ethical questions that I personally find interesting.  After reading the story, take a look at the  questions posted by After Dinner Conversation, find a friend and discuss!

“Swallowed by the Digit Sky” in The Overcast!

Check out my story “Swallowed by the Digit Sky,” out now on The Overcast podcast, where you’ll find color explosions, squid-brain coffee, and a determined barista yearning for something more.  J.S. Arquin does a wonderful narration. And yes, to confirm, I have, in fact, spent 5 hours in my car on a daily commute.  Seriously.Continue reading ““Swallowed by the Digit Sky” in The Overcast!”

Crayons, vacuum bottles, and overload: updates and commentary for the modern housekeeper

I stared at the rice cooker for a few minutes this morning before breaking down and searching the cupboards for the directions. I’m at home today, so I thought I’d help my husband out by cooking up a batch of brown rice, which we both like to bring to work for lunch.  He’s the oneContinue reading “Crayons, vacuum bottles, and overload: updates and commentary for the modern housekeeper”