A. Kat’s Publications

Stories by A. Katherine Black

“The Stains of Now” in DARKNESS BLOOMS by The Dread Machine (May 2023)  

“Eugie and the Last Angel” at ZNB Presents by Zombies Need Brains (Feb 2023) , and coming soon in ZNB Presents: Year One, now available for pre-order!

“Recesses of Uriel” in Planet Scumm issue #13 (April 2022) 

“Ceramic Smile” in MONSTRODDITIES from Sliced Up Press (Feb 2022)  

“The Transportee Agrees to the Following Terms” in UNCANNY VALLEY: A SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY from Distant Shore Publishing (July 2021)

“To A Place I Couldn’t Reach” in Cosmic Horror Monthly (June 2021)

“This is Not a Diary, This is Not a Confession” in Cossmass Infinities (January 2021)

“Even People Who’d Been Accidentally Turned into Giant Murderous Mutant Spiders,” in NO SPIDER HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BOOK, out August 2020 from Arachne Press.

“Dreaming Up Fairy Tales with Feral Bots” in NewMyths.com (June 2020)

“As if Waiting” in Zooscape (March 2020)

“All Harriet’s Pieces” in After Dinner Conversation (December 2019), and in After Dinner Conversation Season One anthology (March 2020)

“Fishbowl” in Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide vol.6 (December 2019)

“Swallowed by the Digit Sky” in The Overcast podcast (October 2019)

“Tether” in The Dark Magazine (August 2019)

“The Way Things Went” in AntipodeanSF (August 2018), read by A. Katherine Black in the AniSF radio show (December 22, 2018)

“Jane’s Cocktail” on 600 Second Saga (July 18, 2018)

“Until” in Flash Fiction Magazine (February 10, 2018)

“Tether” in Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #61 (January 2018)

“Sunset” in Farther Stars Than These (November 9, 2017)

“Promise” in Seven by Twenty (Serial, September 2017)

“Fishbowl” in Abstract Jam (June 2016)

Four flash stories in 365 Tomorrows (2015): “A Girl and Her Tree,” “Commitment,” “Sublet,” and “Salt”

“Green” in Bethlehem Writers Roundtable (May/June 2015)